Marion Resource Recovery Facility


Folks traveling through Brooks may notice a different look at 3680 Brooklake Road in Marion County. Known as Marion Recycling Center, Inc., for the mrrf4past twelve years, the 5.5-acre recycling center has taken on a big new look. In response to a need to handle excess waste materials beyond the incineration capacity of the Waste-To-Energy-Facility and to address total removal of commercial sheet rock prior to incineration.  Marion Resource Recovery Facility (MRRF) was constructed and began operations on April 10, 2000. The fully enclosed 36,000 square foot automated facility is designed to easily sort recyclable materials from the dry waste stream of commercial loads collected by local Garbage/Recycle haulers. Company owners have over fifty years of experience in the solid waste, recycling and waste recovery industry and known nationally for their innovation, expertise and community service.

The first loads sorted at the new facility came from the new building construction itself. More than 62,000 pounds of mrrf6wood, cardboard, metal and sheet rock were pulled generating over 180 yards of materials sorted out of the waste stream and not incinerated.

The process goes something like this:
Materials are loaded onto the automated sort-line with an excavator, sporting a modified grapple otherwise known as a Takeuchi (pronounce tack-e-ooch-ee).
Materials travel up a conveyor onto a shaker-screen. The screen shakes-rattles-and-rolls the materials to remove tiny particles known in the industry as fines.
Materials then drop from the shaker-screen onto an automated sorting conveyor,
traveling slowly past five employees known as sorters. The sorters remove recyclable commodities into numerous containers in preparation for ultimate shipment to Northwest markets. All materials not selected for recycling are loaded directly into a 48-foot walking trailer for disposal.

mrrf1The new MRRF also has a redesigned public recycling depot for the local residents.  Items accepted are: Newspaper, Corrugated Cardboard, Mixed Scrap Paper & Grayboard, Tin/Aluminum Cans, Plastic Bottles/Tubs/Trays #1-7, Magazines, Catalogs and Glass Bottles/Jars. Depot hours are 7:00am -3:30pm Monday РFriday, and closed weekends/holidays.

For more information, call (503) 390-4000.