Equipment operator

Marion Resource Recovery Facility


Job Description

To work for a great company operating various types of recycling/processing equipment such as loaders, forklifts, skid steers, excavators etc., for movement of waste materials away from dumping vehicles onto conveyor belts or into piles for storage and to load drop boxes, trailers and storage containers.


Sunday – Friday Days/Swing


  • To operate equipment in a manner so as in insure safe, reliable and efficient management of the materials received and to insure the safety of fellow workers and customers.
  • To insure that the Operations Manager and mechanics are advised of all maintenance, repairs or adjustments needed to the equipment at the end of each shift or sooner if required.
  • To provide daily maintenance and minor adjustments to equipment help minimize down time.
  • To assist maintenance personnel in the repairs and improvements to the equipment.
  • To ensure the equipment and immediate areas are kept clean and free of debris.
  • To inspect all material for contaminants and remove some before processing.
  • To load trailers to ensure proper weight distribution.
  • To dump storage bins into proper receptacles.
  • To spot trailers or containers to loading dock or loading pit.
  • To assist customers with unloading activates in a courteous manner.
  • To be ready at all times to move incoming materials away from dumping vehicles.
  • To sort material by recovery characteristics to maximize recovery.
  • To alert Operation Manager when fuel, oil or other supplies are needed in sufficient time to minimize equipment down time.
  • To inspect daily and lubricate equipment as required to insure against premature wear/and or failure
  • To estimate the type and recoverability of mixed loads dumped and inform scale attendant.
  • To provide site maintenance and clean up services.
  • To assist in the movement on site of trailers, drop boxes and storage containers.
  • To provide back-up, when required, on the equipment that the operator is qualified to operate.
  • To operate in a manner that will not abuse the equipment, (ie, spinning tires, over revving engine when shifting, exceeding operating limits, overloading bucket, lifting tires off ground, etc.)
  • To load trailers uniformly and to maximize load capacity.
  • To maintain records as required by the supervisor.

    Saftey Responsibilities

    • To immediately report all accidents to supervisor/Operations Manager.
    • To be aware and inform foreman or plant supervisor of any chemical or hazardous waste dumped on the floor and report name of company and truck number.
    • To keep up to date informed of all marking, labels or warning signs pertaining to hazardous materials.
    • To wear and maintain proper safety devices to ensure protection from injury or illness.
    • To operate the equipment in a manner to ensure safety of the operator, fellow workers, and the customers.
    • To attend all safety meetings.
    • To report all unsafe conditions to the safety coordinator.
    • To load boxes in a uniform and safe manner within weight limits for transport.


    • Ability to receive and follow direction from supervisor
    • Knowledge of equipment operation and maintenance.
    • Three years’ experience operating similar equipment.


    • Work involves climbing, sitting, walking, pushing and standing. May be subject to outdoor weather conditions, dusty conditions and noise. Able to lift 50lbs


    • Full Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Short/Long Term Disability after 60 day. 100% of benefit premium covered by employer. Great family benefits available.
    • Simple IRA 401k with up to 3% company match
    • Vacation and Sick accrued on monthly basis