2022 Art

Submissions Open through October 22, 2021

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12 Months of Eco-Swaps

Open Submissions: 9/7–10/22


Each month will feature a different Eco-Swap the community can try.


Submissions should feature an item that is incorrectly considered “green” and an alternative that is sustainable.


Each of the 12 Winners will receive:

  • Their art featured in the 2022 MVGRA calendar
  • A $50 Visa Gift Card
  • Mention at a televised Marion County Board of Commissioners Meeting honoring their contribution to our community’s sustainability efforts

One winner’s art will be the calendar cover, and they will receive $100 for themselves & $500 for their classroom.


All students in Marion County and West Salem are eligible.

What is Greenwashing?

The Practice of using advertising, buzzwords, & suggestive packaging to convince consumers that products or practices are “sustainable” or “eco-friendly” when they are not.

Soap bottles are often subject to greenwashing. A good alternative to liquid soap is bar soap! Bar soap often comes in a paper wrapper which has a higher waste recovery rate than plastics do. This means more material is able to be recycled as opposed to sorted out as waste.

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